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Latest Reviews:

Review: Roland Cloud

Roland Cloud is a subscription based service where you can download and use all of Rolands VST plugins. To try it out just sign up for a month of free access to all the instruments in the Roland Cloud. Roland Cloud contains different series: AIRA Series include the new System-1 ...
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Review: Superior Drummer

Superior Drummer 2 from Toontrack is a an award winning professional drum studio. The engine is a complete overhaul of the original DFH Superior from Toontrack and the user interface borrows elements from the very easy to use EZDrummer. Even though it is targeted for professional use with high quality sound and advanced ...
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Review: Komplete 11 Ultimate

Komplete 11 Ultimate is the largest and most expensive bundle from Native Instruments. It contains almost all the instruments and effects you would ever need to¬†create all kinds of music. With a retail price of¬†1.199 ‚ā¨ this bundle is not cheap but if you calculate the cost of each instrument ...
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Review: Serum

Serum from Xfer Records is a powerful wavetable synthesizer with a high quality sound and very easy to use interface. This is a great synthesizer for both beginners and expert sound designers as it is so easy to use yet have so many advanced features. All the main parameters are ...
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Review: FabFilter Pro-Q 2

FabFilter Pro-Q 2 is a professional mixing and mastering EQ with pristine sound and a highly optimized workflow. With integrated spectrum analyzer, where you can graphically modify EQ nodes, EQ Match, Spectrum Grab, Solo mode and much, much more, this will improve your daily work in so many ways. Features Pro-Q 2 supports ...
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Review: Battery 4

Battery 4 from Native Instruments is a very powerful yet easy to use drum samplers. Presets Battery includes 143 factory drum kits - most focus on EDM and other electronic styles of music but there are also some nice analog kits. The library browser use a very intuitive tagging system and full text search ...
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Review: MPowerSynth

MPowerSynth from Melda Production is a versatile synthesizer with nice sounding oscillators, advanced filters and effects. A unique feature is the smart randomization system, that allows for endless inspiration. If you are a beginner in sound design, you will appreciate the smart randomization can create some unexpected cool sounds. If ...
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Review: Neutron

Neutron from Izotope is a channel strip specially designed for mixing. It includes some very useful mixing tools: EQ, Compressors, Transient Shaper, Exciter and Limiter. But Neutron also includes some very nice new features I haven't seed in other plugins: The Masking tool compare two tracks and visualize problem frequencies ...
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Review: Kontakt 5

Kontakt from Native Instruments is the world's leading software sampler. It has a sophisticated sound engine, a wide array of effects, powerful modulation and scripting that allows for some amazing sounds. Besides being used by several of Native Instruments own sample based instruments it is also the core of several ...
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Review: SynthMaster

SynthMaster from KV331 Audio is an all-around semi-modular synthesizers with a very good sound and near endless possibilities for sound design. It consists of two independent synth layers - each layer contains 2 oscillators, 4 modulators, 2 filters, 2 LFO's, 4 ADSR Envelopes, 2 MultiStage Envelopes, 2 2D Envelopes and 4 ...
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