Before I buy a new VST plugin I always try to download a trial and take it through some extensive testing first. If that is not possible I will read all the reviews I can find, watch YouTube videos, SoundCloud demos etc. before deciding to buy it. Amount the parameters that affect my choice to buy a VST or not is:

  • Sound quality
  • Features, e.g. number of oscillators, filters, effects, LFO's, arpeggiator, sequencer etc.
  • Are the presets usefull? Are there any extensions available?
  • Ease of use (sound design)
  • Ease of installation/updating
  • Price/value

The following pages contain the best VST instruments and effects I have tried - more will be added in the future.

Tip: If you are on a budget, keep your eyes open - often you can find nice discounts on high quality VST instruments.

  • Some VST's may be included for free with e.g. a MIDI keyboard or audio interface
  • Often you can get a discount just for signing up to a newsletter
  • Signup for newsletter anyway to get informed on upcoming discounts or sales
  • Save your money for Black Friday or Winter sales
  • Plugin Boutique often offer special discounts on certain products