Freeware Effects

I have tested these free effects as 64 bit VST on Ableton Live and Windows 10, however they should also be available for 32 bit hosts unless otherwise noted.


OSB CHORUS from Oblivion Sound Lab is modeled after the  Juno 60 onboard chorus effect. The default settings emulate the original but you can dial in more subtle or extreme chorus effect to your liking.


MJUC Jr from Klanghelm is  a variable-mu compressor and one of the best free compressors I have tried (even better than some commercial compressors). If you like it consider upgrading to the full MJUC version for only €24.


Saturation Knob is a free plugin from Softube. It is very easy to use: Just turn the big knob to fatten the bass line or add harmonics to the vocals. 


Blue Cat's Triple EQ is a 3 band EQ from Blue Cat Audio. It includes a low shelf filter, a high shelf filter and a bost/cut peak filter. Also available as a dual channel version with independent left/right or mid/side EQ.


Frontier from D16 Group is an easy to use mixing/mastering limiter with excellent sound quality. It features automatic output gain make up, configurable control input, controlable release charecteristics and optional soft clip. 


Blue Cat's Phaser is a free phaser that reproduce the vintage phasing effect with up to 32 phasing stages. The plugin comes in both mono and stereo version; the stereo version has an additional "spread" control for a deep stereo widening phasing effects.

MAutopan is included in the free effects bundle from MeldaProduction. It is a very powerful auto panner. Oscillator shape can be customized. It can be free running or synced to host. Has lots of presets and smart randomization. 

PanCake 2 from Cableguys is a easy to use auto panning tool. Use standard sinus or triangle waves or draw your own. LFO can be synced to host or free running.