Review: Adam A5X

Review: Adam A5X

The ADAM A5X is a popular compact nearfield monitor used in both professional studios as well as a homestudio monitor.

Don't let the compact size fool you - these monitors deliver a very good sound both at low and high amplitude levels.

ADAM's proprietary X-ART tweeter makes the AX series very recognizable and together with the 5.5" bass give you an outstanding 50 - 50.000Hz linear frequency response!

The chamfered upper corners is also a key feature of the AX series - it helps minimizing edge diffraction and prevents phase cancellation. Inside the monitor has a special fleece for preventing disturbing internal resonances as well as ensuring a better bass reflex tuning.

A very nice feature (one of the reasons I bought these monitors) is the power switch and gain control is located on the front just below the bass - this is very practical and something other monitor designers could learn from!

On the back you will find a balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs. There are also two RCA input/output for StereoLink which allow you to control the volume of both monitors using only the volume control on one of them. Both monitors can function as either StereoLink master or slave.

There are also three controls on the back:

  • High shelf control for ± 6dB EQ of frequencies >5kHz
  • Low shelf control for ± 6dB EQ of frequencies < 300Hz
  • Tweeter Gain can be adjusted ± 4dB

An optional desktop stand can be used for aligning the tweeters to ear level and minimize desk surface reflections. Non-slip rubber coating ensure acoustic decoupling of the speaker.
An optional wall mount allows for mounting these monitors on the wall.


  • Impressive sound for such a compact monitor
  • Impressive frequency response: 50 - 50,000Hz
  • Volume and power control on front.
  • If you have a small homestudio with limited space these monitors can be mounted at a wall or placed close to a wall as the bass reflex ports are located on front.
  • Optional desktop stand aim the tweeter directly at your ear and also ensure acoustic decoupling so your desktop doesn't vibrate when you turn up the volume.


  • Nothing really - these monitors are as good as it get in this price and size range!

You may also consider...

  • If these monitors are too expensive for your budget, there are several good but cheaper alternatives e.g. Yamaha HS5 which is also a very impressive monitor but costs less than half the price of ADAM A5X.
  • If you have the space and money, you may consider the larger A7X or A8X for some more bass power.